Worn, overused ... the term "streetwear" lost its essence in the late 2000s. Wicked One gives it back its meaning. And its notoriety.
The brand today affirms its character: it is in the ghettos of the world that it draws its inspiration and their streets that it pays homage.
A brief glance at the logos and designs of the brand is enough to understand that its culture is that of neighborhoods and that it is theirs, beyond the borders, it is intended.

The everyday anonymous heroes, their battles, are both a source of inspiration and a tribute to the creators of the Fred, Julien and Gary brand. Fred specializes in graphic compositions and visual identity, Julien is the goldsmith question typos and illustrations, Gary is the man of development and finance. It is above all by the desire to express itself graphically that were born the first collections in 2007, released in very limited series. The desire to interpret a certain underground aesthetics, to share it but preserving its values ​​...
Self-taught, Julien and Fred come from graffiti, but they do not start in ready-to-wear. With Gary, they developed one of the most prominent and prominent brands during the best years of French streetwear in the late 90s and the 2000s.

The creations of the two designers are nourished by their passion and their curiosity for culture and street life. The designs have their roots in the typographic culture of East L.A. (the famous Latin Quarter), in tattooing, Chicano art, hip hop, and graffiti.

But neighborhoods in the United States are not the only source of inspiration for designers: those from Mexico, Brazil and the rest of Latin America, as well as from Japan or more widely from Asia and Africa are also represented. in the illustrations and motifs of the mark.

Forget the accepted ideas about urban fashion: the era of the extra-large is over. But as soon as the first lines were created, the designers of Wicked One anticipated the return to more classic cuts better able to survive the effects of fashion. All the clothes of the brand are adjusted. We do not dress the same way in the neighborhoods of Paris, Dakar or Los Angeles, but the taste of basic is universal and timeless.
Because Wicked One has international ambitions. The machine is already on the road. With its character designs and urban cuts in a "classic" spirit, it seduces outside metropolitan France with outlets in Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, DOM-TOM ...

Wicked One has incorporated the harshness of the daily life of the world's neighborhoods into its manufacture and finish. T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, tops for girls, jeans, accessories ... for each piece, the brand works durability and strength and has chosen to manufacture 90% of its production in Europe to better control the quality

What satisfies the customers it aims adult, demanding and international. No disposable item at the first wash in the ranges.

And no politically correct. The pieces are in keeping with the way of life they represent: foolproof, ready for anything.
Sponsors or friends of the brand, icons in their field are besides concrete examples of this vision and this lifestyle: the tattoo artists Tin-Tin and Laura Satana, the star of the group NTM Kool Shen, the actor Adel Bencherif or boxing fighter and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) ... Gules, personalities, an attitude.

Durable, original, qualitative and international, Wicked One rehabilitates streetwear. No matter how hard you look, you will not find a more accurate term to describe its lines and motifs that sublimate street life, defend the culture and pay homage to the survivors of the Vida Loca. It's a reality with its codes, its aesthetics, and a universe.
And Wicked One represents it. From every angle

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